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Josh and Austin have the goal to bring you relevant and clear thoughts that enable you to be more comfortable with your financial situation.
Through informed discussion, along with the occasional dad joke and some humorous banter, listeners can expect to learn about a variety of investment and financial planning topics as well as many of the stories and choices facing investors today.
Funny story:
Josh and Austin met in 2015, a few years before they started working together. Josh’s wife, Steph, was Austin and Jenna’s engagement and wedding photographer. On the way to the venue, Steph told Josh that he and Austin would become best friends and really hit it off (she was right). Later that day, while helping his wife out with pictures, Josh witnessed Austin wipe out hard in the parking lot. Austin blamed his shoes. To this day Josh still just thinks Austin is uncoordinated.

Josh Robb

Josh and his wife, Steph, have two sons, Noah and Malachi, and two daughters, Sawyer and Marlee. He and his wife enjoy watching sports together although they usually end up rooting for the opposite teams.
Did you know?

Josh is left handed, so he thinks he is the only one in the office in his right mind. Also, prior to becoming a wealth advisor, Josh spent 9 years working in the nonprofit world with middle and high schoolers. He still enjoys volunteering in that capacity to this day.

Josh is a Wealth Advisor at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management. As a Wealth Advisor, he provides financial planning and investment advice to clients of the firm.

Fun fact:
Josh is more than a little bit obsessed with donuts…‎🍩in fact, his favorite day of the year is the first Friday in June – National Donut Day.

Austin Wilson

Austin and his wife, Jenna, have one daughter, Juliana, and two dogs, Samson and Sophia. He enjoys playing guitar, 🎸riding motorcycles, 🏍️and working on their home. 🏡 
Did you know?
Austin is not from the Findlay area. He grew up in the middle of a cornfield in a small town about an hour south of Findlay called West Liberty. He met his wife, a Findlay native, while finishing up college at the University of Findlay when they were on the worship team together at their church. His job at the time and local girlfriend (now wife) made staying in Flag City an easy choice.
Austin is a Research Analyst at Hixon Zuercher Capital Management. As a Research Analyst, he works with the team to ensure that the firm is up-to-date on news and information regarding the holdings in their investment portfolios.
Fun fact:
Josh’s obsession with donuts‎ 🍩may have had some part in Austin abandoning his diet…he says it’s totally worth it.

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